Organic Saver term investment

Invest and support our partners

A Partnership account is a way to invest your money on term deposit while supporting a good cause. At present we run an Organic Saver partnership account with the Soil and Health Association (Organic NZ). We are working on bringing more partners on board.

Organic Saver

Prometheus will donate 4% of the annual interest your term investment earns to Soil and Health. The pool of funds in these accounts is also used to invest in organic projects around New Zealand.

The funds we donate to Soil & Health enable them to support their annual campaign and Project Gro - supporting community groups, maraes and schools to start-up and maintain organic gardens, to create organic gardening resources and teach organic principles.


  • Your savings support loans to the organic sector
  • We donate 4% of the total interest earned by all Organic Saver customers to support Soil and Health’s work
  • Choose a term that suits you, from 6 months to 3 years
  • Earn a competitive fixed interest rate
  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • Options to have interest paid out quarterly or at maturity
  • No account or transaction fees

Term investments

A rewarding way to save a lump sum of money

Account Minimum investment Interest
3 years $5,000 - $9,999 4.00%
$10,000+ 4.50%
2 years $5,000 - $9,999 4.00%
$10,000+ 4.50%
18 months $5,000 - $9,999 3.75%
$10,000+ 4.25%
12 months $1,000 - $9,999 3.75%
$10,000+ 4.00%
6 months $1,000 3.75%
  1. You apply for a Prometheus account and supply your proof of identity
  2. We set up your new account
  3. You transfer the money you wish to invest from your bank account to Prometheus’ account (either electronically or by posting us a cheque)
  4. We send you out a new term deposit investment certificate
  5. We'll keep you updated by sending a quarterly statement and our newsletter
  6. We'll notify you when your funds are about to mature so you can update any instructions for reinvestment

Does the donation Prometheus Finance makes to Soil & Health come from the interest earned by Organic Saver Account holders?

No - we make the donation, not the investors. We donate to Soil and Health an amount equal to 4% of the total interest earned by Organic Saver investors. 

If Prometheus Finance lends the money invested in Organic Saver accounts to organic enterprises, can I still withdraw my money when I want to?

Yes. When you open your account you choose the term to invest for. At the end of that term you can either reinvest or withdraw your investment. We lend responsibly to individuals and organisations that have good ideas and sound financial management, and who are ready to take on a loan. This ensures you have access to your funds when you expect to.

Why do organic enterprises choose to borrow from Prometheus?

We have many years of experience financing all kinds of organic enterprises: farms, shops, distributors, orchards. This experience and understanding makes a big difference to borrowers and allows a focused and knowledge-based approach to the borrowing process.

The value of organic food is now widely appreciated - what difference can this account make now?

You can find a range of organic enterprises that we’ve financed on this website and in our newsletters. But there are many more that need to grow and develop.  Investments raised through this account can help make a real difference by increasing the amount of funds available for lending.

Ways to apply